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How do we raise our children to be committed followers of Jesus? How does the church contribute to that vision and how do our children contribute to the church? How do we answer the difficult questions that our children have as they grow and grapple with their faith?


In this parenting series, Parenting: Faith and Hard Questions, we will be working through these and other important questions for parents.

We will provide a variety of resources including: a video/podcast, articles, printables, and discussion questions around our given topic. You can find them in the posts below (Not getting our emails? Sign up for emails here!) The idea is that you can be thinking/praying/discussing these things on your own. 


  • Episode One  Who is your child? What will their personal faith journey look like? Special Guest Mike Stern.

  • Episode Two  Influences and Rhythms. What can you be doing right now to shape your child(ren)'s faith? Special guest Denise Douglas.

  • Episode Three  Hard questions. What are the answers you need to take your next step in discipling your child?​

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