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September. We Are The Church!

For the month of September we are looking at what the church is and why we should be a part of it. We want everyone to know that..

The church is good for us and does good things for others.

We are going to be doing two specific things to help us grow in that understanding.

First, we want to pray specifically for each another. The church is a group of people in relationship with Jesus and one another. We are going to be choosing prayer buddies each week. Each child is going to exchange names with one other child. We have special cards with a specific way they can pray for their buddy during the week. Parents can reference those cards and encourage their child to keep praying all week long. They can also check off their progress. If they bring their card back to church with them, we will have a small prize/candy.

Second, we are going to practice giving to others. The church does good things for those not a part of the church through giving and serving. We will be talking about tithes and offerings all month and encouraging children to give financially. We are raising some money to put together a Welcome Kit for EveryChild PDX. EveryChild is one of the ministries that New Hope is connected. A welcome kit will help us love and serve a child who is entering into foster care. Children can put their tithes/offerings in the KidsCom giving box before/after service or during our worship time. We will be talking about it all month, but maybe you can take one Sunday and specifically encourage this practice. You could even give together.

1 John 4:7a "Dear friends, let us continue to love one another, for love comes from God."

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