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Be Part of our Online Worship

Be in our Christmas music video

VIDEO DUE Dec 2nd (or sooner)

We really love having kids be a part of worship! If your kids would like to be included in the video for December 20th, please read on and follow the instructions below.

An Example

Here is an example of a previous worship video. We will take the videos submitted and chop them up so that every one can be a part. Your child can do just the chorus or the entire song. Use the motion demonstration video above.  


1. Shoot your video

  • Practice first. (Demo above)

  • Record in portrait mode (phone upright, taller than wide) a video of your kiddo doing the motions to the song. 

  • If they can sing along with the song while they dance, that’s great, not required!

  • Keep camera steady as much as possible (using a stand or propping the camera up on a stable surface is very helpful)

  • Make sure there is more light shining on their face than behind them. 

  • Wear winter clothes.

  • Shoot in front of a plain background.

  • Smile! Have fun! 


NOTE We would love it if your child could record the full song, but that may be difficult for younger children. At the very least we would like them to perform the chorus.

You have that wonderful footage? Next, you will need to upload it.

2. Upload your video

​The easiest way we could find to upload your video is an online service called wetransfer. [You don’t need to sign in or submit any personal info.]

  1. Go to

  2. Click “I Agree” to their terms of service and accept cookies.

  3. Click the blue Plus button that says “add a file” and select your file. If you are on your phone it will be in your “Files” folder.

  4. Click the circle button with 3 dots next to the transfer button and choose the “Get a link” option.

  5. Click the blue “Get Link” button at the bottom of the screen.

  6. When the screen says “You’re done,” click the blue “copy link” button at the bottom of the screen.


You did it! Next, you will take the link you just copied and email it to us. 

3. Send us your link

Once you have uploaded your video to wetransfer you can take the link you copied and email it to us.

Please send us your video no later than

December 2nd

  1. Open a new email.  Paste the wetransfer link into that email.  

  2. Email the link to Christine:

Great job! We are so excited to see your child(ren) in our video. We will send you confirmation once we have your footage. The video will debut in our Special Kids' Christmas Video on December 20th.

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