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Watch Those Training Videos

With the creation of our new Volunteer Central, we have 3 new training videos posted. Please check them out. We have Volunteer 101, Check-in, and Drop-Off. We want to build a general understanding of how things work among all our volunteers. Check out those videos here.

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Project Welcome Back

As families are navigating the return to church after the pandemic and the faith stretching/reshaping that entailed, let us WELCOME THEM BACK. More than saying hello, let’s add some deliberateness to

Let us party.

This year has been going so well and you are to a big part of that. Numbers are not what we are about, but it does help us know the scope of what we are doing. Since June we have seen about 160 kids a

Worship Sunday & Feedback

This Sunday (31st) is Kids Worship Sunday. We won't be running our usual programming, instead we will be practicing different types of worship together. That means in the toddlers room we will have so


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