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Bible Adventure ages 0-K

November 26th

A Voice in the Night - week 4

Start your day by praying to God, and talk and listen to Him ALL DAY LONG! Even if you go really far away or visit other places, He’s always listening. This unit is about Samuel will teach kids that God is always ready to talk with us. 

Question - When can you pray?

Answer - I can pray all night, all day!

Bible Verse

Psalm 55:17 NLT "Morning, noon, and night ... the LORD hears my voice."

Parent Questions

Talk with God, then listen for His Voice. What kind of words do you think God says?

Konnect grades 1-3

November 26th

Konnect: The Musical

This Month

Once we choose to follow Jesus, spiritual disciplines help our spirits to grow in wisdom, maturity, and bring us closer to God. When we spend time getting to know God, remove distractions so we don’t miss out on what He has for us, and spend time reading and meditation on the Bible and in prayer to God, we are exercising our spiritual muscles, growing into the person God created us to be, and preparing ourselves to be able to minister to and teach others.


God gave the first Christmas gift to show us how to love and live.


Ephesians 5:2

"Live a life filled with love, following the example of Christ. ..."

Parent Questions

When people talk about "looking like Jesus", what do you think they mean?

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Loop grades 4-5

November 26th


This Month

Have you ever wanted to make better choices? Do you have a hard time being still? Do you ever wish you spent more time with God? Probably with a resounding yes, yes, and yes. This three-week series should a source of encouragement to help develop some healthy spiritual disciplines like learning to unplug from the world to connect with God and maintaining a joyful devotion to God through prayer.

Today’s Big Question

What does “instant gratification” mean and why can it be dangerous?

Today’s Bible Verse

Galatians 5:13 NIRV

"My brothers and sisters, you were chosen to be free. But don’t use your freedom as an excuse to live under the power of sin. Instead, serve one another in love."

Parent Question

What is one way you can trade something you want for something God wants?

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