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January. The Truth & The FIVE

Happy new year! Anyone make a new year's resolution to read more KidsCom blog posts? Maybe you want to read and discuss the Bible more as a family. Well we can help with that! The FIVE Season 2 launches January 10th. It is not too late to jump in. You can read more about The FIVE below.

Let's talk about what we will be studying on Sunday mornings.

This Month in...

Bible Adventure

The story this month is A Voice in the Night, the story of Samuel's calling. The answer to this month's question is one my kids use often.

Our question, "When can you pray?"

Our answer, "I can pray all night, all day!"

Verse: Psalm 55:17 NLT "Morning, noon, and night ... the LORD hears my voice."

Take a look at the story "A Voice in the Night" in the Bible App for kids!

Konnect & Loop

In an age of relativism, is there truth? You bet! And with God’s help, we can know it! We can trust Jesus to show us what really matters, what is true, what is good, what is loving, and what to do when we pray, learn from His word, and have conversations with others who are close to Him. Each step toward Jesus is a step toward truth.

The FIVE Season 2

Season 2 gets underway starting on January 10th. You need to sign up to get a tracking sheet and get notifications of new videos. Because following Jesus is more than just Sundays, the FIVE is our way of helping families on weekdays too! You can read more and sign up today!

After Church Pizza Party

January 16 @ 12:20pm. Let's not over think this. After church were are going to have pizza for any families who want to stick around and connect. No sign up, just stay, have FREE pizza.

Nursery Reopening During First Service

This might be a big deal to you. We are going to start having kids programming again during first service for ages 0-3yrs. We will kick this off on January 23rd.

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