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March. Welcome Back & Lent

Hey Kids Community Families,

It has been really exciting to see so many families coming back recently. About a year ago we we re-opened in person services. There is something great about being together.

This month we begin Lent. It is a time to prepare our hearts for Easter. The FIVE will be doing special Lent videos. You can sign-up or watch them on our Watch Online page. Looking for some other ideas for how to celebrate Lent as a family? Check out this blog post. It has quite a few ideas.

Let's talk about what we will be studying on Sunday mornings.

This Month in...

Bible Adventure

The story this month is Through the Roof, the story of Jesus healing and forgiving a man. That man's had some good friends.

Our question,"How does God help you be a good friend?"

Our answer, "God helps me care and share!"

Verse: Psalm 55:17 NLT "Morning, noon, and night ... the LORD hears my voice."

Take a look at the story Through the Roof in the Bible App for kids!

Konnect & Loop

We can practice self-care and mindfulness as tools to calm the body and mind as we pursue peace, but those practices won’t take us all the way there. Only by following Jesus can we experience peace that is deep, real, lasting, and not dependent on circumstance. By seeking God and connecting to Him spiritually in prayer, in His Word, in worship, and in community with other believers, we can stay connected to the gift of peace Jesus gives us.

Memory Verses

We are making a big deal about learning a verse each month. You can find all the verses and their motion videos on our Memory Verse page.

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