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October. What's For Dinner?

Last month we looked at our part and need for the church. We are the church! We don't want to forget that.

This month in...

Bible Adventure

We are going to be looking back at creation and we will hear the word "good" - a lot. Our question this month is "Who made you?" and our answer is "God made you amazing!" memverse: Psalm 139:14 NIRV How you made me is amazing and wonderful. ...

Konnect & Loop

It is about good and evil. We have the power to do good because of the Holy Spirit working inside of us. memverse: Romans 8:28 NIV... in all things God works for the good of those who love him...

The family is the biggest influencer on a child's sense of right and wrong, good and evil. We want to encourage you to lean into each other - towards closeness, more meaning, and more community. Listen, I know you are busy. So the simple challenge is to do more family dinners together between now and Thanksgiving. But we have some helps to make your dinners doing easier...

A Family Dinner

This is a beginning. We are really wanting to connect with our families and have them connect with each other. The event is all about having dinner and meeting other families. We will have some activities for the kids so adult are free to talk. The event is on October 8th from 5:30-7pm. You need to sign up soon! Sign up for A Family Dinner.

What's For Dinner? Challenge

We like to put forth challenges and give out points, but the heart of "What's For Dinner" is to encourage you to do dinner together as a family and to be more successful doing them. Between the Family Dinner on Oct 8th and Thanksgiving we challenge you to do 20 dinners together as a family. Maybe you can do more than that, or maybe you can only do one a week. We have a booklet explaining everything, and it also has some great tools to make family dinners easier and more fun. There are conversation starters, games you can play, and even some questions your kids can ask you. Get the Challenge booklet here. Learn about the prizes!

Kids Worship Sunday

The Last Sunday of October we are doing an all worship for ages 4yrs - 5th grade during our KidsCom service. Worship is important, so we are excited to explore this together.

Kids Costume Dance Party

This is a fun evening filled with music, moving, and candy! A great chance to invite your friends. Oct 29th, 6-7:30pm.

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